The Importance of UX Design and Factors to Consider

You certainly agree that web is a unique world to experience. You can get much information about anything from internet. That is why the process of user experience (UX) is important to determine the success of a website.  However, UX design is not a simple task, as the web designer must fully understand the website’s target audience.

In other words, a UX designer is responsible for not only creating great user experience but also for analyzing the appropriate web design that creates cohesive experience across platforms. A web designer must be able to design a fluid web – one that allows the visitors to move through the webpage and explore more information.


What to Consider for UX Design


There is no successful website without great user experience. However, the success of UX design is dependent upon many aspects, but the most important thing is understanding the right target audience. The following are some aspects to consider when analyzing the website’s target audience when it comes to UX design:

  • Age

A website that targets aging population, for instance, should be designed in a rather formal look. This way, neutral colors and graphics can be the options. On the other hand, a website that targets young people or even teens should be designed in a way that brings them to their world. This way, creativity is important on the part of web designer. Teens love attractive and unique things.

  • Education level

Educated segment of population is more critical than any other segments. This way, the website must be designed professionally by embracing the latest trends in design. In addition, over exaggerating statements do not work for educated individuals. On the other hand, when the target audience is dominated by people with lower education, information on the services, the prices, as well as bonuses can be more convincing.

  • Online activities

A website that targets people who keep online and using internet needs special considerations when it comes of UX design. Prolonged contact with the monitor may lead to tiredness and boredom. Therefore, UX design with semi casual or fun contents can be the choices.


Besides those three aspects, occupation and location may play important roles. However, what is more important is the way to obtain accurate information on the target audience. User interviews, usability testing, and surveys are some of the methods to find it out. Comprehensive consideration will finally result in great user experience.

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