Is Gated Content for You Website or Not?

Sometimes, when visiting a webpage, you are asked to fill out a form to view the webpage. At first, you may consider it something usual. Of course, fill out the form with your name and e-mail address is not something difficult but when you are not in good mood, you may feel perturbed and go away. Do you know that you are dealing with gated content?


Actually, there are two conflicting things when it comes to the gated content. On one hand, the companies that have the website want to have more intense communication and relationship with the users. On the other hand, by hiding the contents behind the sign-up form, they may sacrifice the page views and eventually sacrifice the visits.


Advantages of Gated Content in Web Design


In business, the companies will have more chances to get consumers and profits when they can communicate well with the consumers. This is practical to do through social media channels. That is also why most businesses have at least one social media account, which they use to communicate and even receive the complaints from consumers. Nonetheless, a special platform is necessary to create a communication channel between the companies and the consumers through websites, and gated content is the solution.


Gated content is a web design strategy to enhance two-way communication between the producers and the potential consumers. Websites that content useful information will invite more visitors. This is a good chance for gated content. When the high-value content is hidden behind the sign-up form, the visitors have no choice but to sign up.


Disadvantages of Gated Content in Web Design


However, when the gated content does not come with attractive design, it may prevent the potential consumers from exploring the websites and even from buying the products. In other words, gated content is not for everyone; not all businesses need it. The need for gate content must be evaluated carefully based on the types of goods/services offered. Moreover, for some visitors, making all of the website content visible to every visitor will lead to better perception about the companies.


Therefore, creating a gate content that does not make visitors go away is the solution. However, this is not a simple task, of course. Gate content may not be the choice for a starter company, or a company that is introducing its brand name and establishing brand image. Then, here lies the role of web design agency. When you ask the agency to design the sign-up form, make sure that the value of information behind the form is worthy of the energy and time consumed to fill out the form. In conclusion, users’ trust is the key for successful gated content strategy.

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