Webpage Layout – Balance & Consistency

Webpage layout balance determines the overall impression the visitors would have when viewing the web for the first time and when navigating the other pages.

A great web is one that is uniformly arranged. However, when talking about web arrangement, most people will refer to web layout. Web layout refers to how you place elements on the webpage. A good webpage layout must be balanced; it means that it provides a sense of order. Why is this important? Even though the contents in your web are interesting and informative and the graphics is stunning, the webpage loses its sense of order and attractiveness when the layout is not balanced.

Webpage Layout Balance and Trust

Webpage layout balance refers to the overall impression the visitors get when viewing the webpage for the first time and when navigating the other pages in the web. Imagine what the visitors would think when you put the contents and images here and there. They would think, “The owner of this web has no sense of art and order.” This adversely affects their trust upon what you present in the web pages. On the other hand, a balanced webpage layout gives positive impression on the webpage as a whole

Webpage Content Consistency

As mentioned above, orderly arranged contents would increase value of the contents. After reading the first post, the visitors know automatically where to find relevant information. Balance also facilitates the readers to understand and evaluate the substances of the contents. In this way, the web can be arranged with uniformly justified text and the principle of must be consistent throughout the web pages. Webpage content consistency is also about the use of font size and line width. Oversized headings, for example, eat up the page space; and this reduces the number of contents that can be presented in a single webpage.

Webpage Layout Consistency

An important principle in selecting web layouts is that you design the webpage for the visitors, not merely for yourself or for the search engine. It means that the webpage layout must be consistent and comfortable for the visitors’ eyes. Consistent layout gives a sense of professionalism. Whether you use fixed width or liquid width layout, make sure you use it consistently on every page in your website to make sure your web is more enjoyable, since it is easier for the visitors to navigate the website.

In conclusion, webpage balance enhances every element in the pages. Webpage balance may be determined by text and graphics. It is also about webpage layout consistency.  Therefore, make sure the website developer you hire really understands the principle of balance and consistency in web developing projects.

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