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Why Soul is Important for a Brand

Many advertising agencies that offer assistance in outlining a successful branding campaign often call themselves branding specialists or brand designers or brand imaginers. Focus on brand is actually the primary factor why soulless capitalism prevails. Companies operating in the commercial field heavily rely on their brand to make sure that they have clear image that their prospects can see and, hopefully, be attracted to. This image is considered important because it is the most important aspect of their identity that makes them recognizable, unique, and even appealing. Because of the importance of this image—this brand—those companies often press the agency with which they are working to make their image as stunning as possible, regardless of the actual condition of their business. To make it simple, you may be aware of a bank that uses “always giving you extra” as its slogan. You, just like other prospective clients, are stunned with that slogan and inattentively believe in it. You may not be aware that the bank may not be able to ensure your satisfaction when you are dealing with it. That slogan is part of the version of brand that is pervasive nowadays. That brand—the valueless and soulless one—is always permitted to lie or to tell you nothing about the true identity of its owner. This is the reason why the agency that designs it calls itself a brand designer instead of an identity designer.

Branding is being opposed

Because of its soulless nature, branding is being opposed by many parties. Anti-capitalists activities are opposing it because it is designed based only on materialistic background. However, the most relevant opposition for soulless branding campaign, i.e. an opposition that doesn’t directly exacerbate the truest purpose of capitalism, is actually proposed by branding strategists. Soulless and valueless branding campaign can indeed effectively boost the image of the client; however, if the campaign is outlined by adding value and ethics to it, the boost achieved will last longer and even be timeless. Imbuing soul and value to such campaign is therefore considered crucial.

What kind of “soul” a branding campaign actually needs?

Giving back soul to the brand is necessary not only because of ethical reason, but also because such endeavor is actually very important for the branding campaign itself. Telling boasted accomplishments to the customers is indeed a very effective method to boost image and impression, but that image and impression can easily be ruined if the customers are eventually aware about the shortcomings that make it impossible for those accomplishments to be accomplished. Honesty is therefore an important aspect of a branding campaign that both the client and the agency have to pay attention to.

However, honesty is not the only aspect that gives soul to branding campaign. Remember that identity is formed not only with honesty, but also many other aspects, such as strength and memorability. An adept designer should be able to create a brand that is honest, strong and memorable. The importance of honesty has been explained previously in this article. The strength and the memorability of the brand are what the rest of this article will focus on. A brand should be graphically strong enough because its strength makes sure that it will get enough attention from its spectators. A graphically strong brand is not necessarily graphically sophisticated and complicated. A good example for this is Google’s logo, which consists only of six unadorned letters with plain colors. It is simple but people like it very much because it is graphically strong. The simplicity of a brand also helps viewers memorize it. The memorability of a brand is therefore related to its simplicity.

A reliable brand designer is one which can give soul to the brand it designs. We are a group of designers that can provide you with that kind of service. You can rely on us if soul-enriched brand is the one you are looking for.

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