Avoid These Branding Mistakes

Successful marketing depends on branding, but make sure you avoid these branding mistakes so you do not hurt your business.

Every good business person knows that branding is important; from creating logo to making web design and ads that are associated with the brand. Good branding makes your product recognizable and able to earn more loyal customers, but bad branding (or rebranding) is a disaster. It will alienate your customers, confuse them, or even make your brand a laughing stock (which is also bad for marketing). Avoiding branding mistakes is important for a successful marketing or re-launching.

What Branding Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some blunders many business owners often do, and you must avoid:

  • Not Investing on Good Designer.

How many times you see a new product promoted with non professional ads that look like they are designed by high school student armed with Microsoft Paint skill? Invest in good designer since the beginning to create powerful brand and logo that immediately attract customers’ attention, even if your business is new.

  • Using Photo-Based Brand.

Photos are great as illustrations in your company website or brochure, but creating photo-based design is hard, especially if you want to create different marketing channels. Professional branding channels are mostly not fit with photo-based brands. You can see that famous brands such as Coca Cola, Apple, Kraft and Nestle all avoid photo-based brands. The same thing applies in Clip-Arts; they are something people expect from a school Power Point presentation, but not a business or product brand.

  • Not Following Industry Standard.

Being creative is great in branding, but if you stray too much from what customers expect to see from your brand, your creativity will kill you. For example, customers expect serious tones when they see ads or website of a law firm, so adding whimsical touch or cartoonish design on them will make the service look less serious (and thus hard to be trusted).

  • Not Being Consistent.

Your brand in the product or office logo must have the same basic designs when it appears on printed ads, web design and mobile ads. If they do not look consistent, customers can be confused and not getting strong message you originally intend for the brand. Also, you must make sure the quality of the website matches the logo and printed ads (and vice versa).

So, how to avoid these blunders? You must plan the branding strategy right from the beginning. For example, after finding the concept for your business, you can work together with designer and branding service BankPixel.com, so you can avoid blunder mistakes that will ruin your business.

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